Are you a Christian Addicted To Porn? By God's grace you can quit!

Negativity in Pornography

Gone are the days when pornography is considered taboo. Nowadays, pornography is a rampant addiction due to the availability of porn materials. However, studies have proven again and again that the pornography craze is promoting unfavorable effects in an individual as well as the society. A number of researches show that pornography increases the risk of sexual violence and even violence itself.

Women and children have been greatly exploited to create pornographic materials and this has degraded them. Pornography was also cited to destroy bonds and relationships within a family, and eventually in the community. Though actions have been made by lawmakers, this will not totally eradicate pornography, since technology is at its peak. The power to access any type of pornographic material is at the tip of your fingers.

Pornography has also shadowed the view of sexual intercourse. Before, sexual intercourse is a private and sacred act between a couple bound by holy matrimony. Now, sexual intercourse has just become a casual act. This is the reason why Christianity is strongly concerned about pornography and its debilitating effects. Another thing is that pornography is never productive. This activity would only tarnish the hearts and soul of the viewers. It destroys marriages and relationships, as well as your personal relationship with God. Pre-marital sex is also one of the worst effects of pornography. Yet, this act has been accepted by many communities, leaving the sacrament of Matrimony vague.

One should be able to overcome this addiction by appreciating the true beauty of Love and Sex. Teachings from the Church show the true essence of marriage. An excerpt from the bible tells us that we should live and multiply. Though several meanings are implied in this message, it clearly tells us to be holy and have sex on the right place and time. This is one effective way to combat pornography.